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Our training program is unique and the first of the industry.  I harness your expertise of your campground and combine it with my Revenue Management knowledge.  I teach you and empower you to make better revenue decisions.  The program is 6 weeks and is completely custom.  I spend time researching your market and the many opportunities that you may not be taking advantage of.  I do not make recommendations.  Instead, I give you all the information for you to make an informed, proactive decision.  My goal is that you leave this training program with the motivation to make more MONEY!

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Who is Niki J.?

Niki J. is our founder and will be your trainer/coach with OutdoorREV.  She grew up running barefoot through Appalachian streams, catching lightning bugs, hunting, fishing, and loving the outdoors.  Niki J. got into the Hospitality Industry as a way to travel and see the world.  But, she believes that there is something magical about camping in the United States with Old Glory flying.  Some say her biggest flaw is that she's a Millennial but use this to your advantage to tap into this traveler.  We have kids and if we aren't your primary clientele we will be soon!  She would love the opportunity to work with you!

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We are quick to spend money on $6 coffees, home gym equipment that hold our laundry, or that beef jerky monthly membership...but, how often do we truly invest in ourselves?

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